I am a 3D Artist + Visualiser based in Aberdeen, Scotland and I currently work as a Motion Graphics Designer at a design company based here.

This site is where I'll be showcasing my personal and freelance projects as well as other geeky 3D stuff that I love.

Feel free to get in contact if you wish to work / collaborate with me or simply want to say hi!

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    The Making of “Crystal Box” 3D Architectural Visualization, Post-production Breakdown

    I love the post production side of 3D.  This “Making of” by Santi Sanchez  from TRESDE – Modelado Digital & Render studio is a good example of using basic models as a basis to create a great image.  Perhaps this could be considered more of a photo manipulation rather than a 3D image alone but Santi Sanchez’s workflow is still really interesting.

    You can view the full interview Making of on Ronen Bekerman’s blog here

    I used a similar workflow to creating the exterior images of Freedom and Pilgrim house

    Polar Media – 3D Visualisation for Oil and Gas

    I rarely come across any Oil and Gas 3D visuals that I find captures the immense detail and scale of an oil installation / vessel without sacrificing the overall quality in texture and lighting.  Check out Polar Media,  a small independent production company based in London producing films & 3D animation for TV, corporate and the music industry. These guys really know their stuff.

    Aimless – Now now

    Latest track from musician Richard Moles (my little brother)

    IMIST Promo Video – Atlas

    I’ve had the pleasure of doing a little bit of acting instead of filming. I had no idea I was to jump into the pool until 10 minutes before hand!

    To find out more about the product and brief of this video, check out the Atlas site for the case study.

    Iconic final design for London’s new bus

    London’s “new Routemaster bus” has been unveiled.

    The double-decker uses green technology to be 40% more efficient, it has two staircases and an open platform enabling people to “hop-on hop-off”.

    London Mayor Boris Johnson said the new bus for the capital would be “iconic” and “beautiful”.

    The Shard: London Bridge

    Construction had recently begun on a developement that will be known as London Bridge Quarter.  The area will include what will be London’s tallest building once completed in 2012.  Renzo Piano is the architect behind the design having made the initial concept and sketches on the back of a restaurant menu.  The design has since come a long way and once building is complete, it will prove to be a prominent landmark in London’s architectural history.

    “London Bridge Quarter is a spectacular riverside development that establishes new standards for modern working environments.  The unique mixed-use design and vertical gardens will enhance occupiers’ creativity, efficiency and productivity.”

    James Sellar, CEO, Sellar Property Group

    Design agency Uniform, have produced many visuals as well as a few animations illustrating the skyscraper when it is complete.  Most of the visuals can be seen on the Shard’s site http://www.shardlondonbridge.com/.

    Hayes Davidson also produced a few beautiful visuals of The Shard.

    Virgin Galactic Visuals


    As Virgin Galactic prepare to unveil SpaceshipTwo today, I thought it would be appropriate to remind you of how amazing some of the visualisations are and how they pushed the idea forward so that it would one day help it become a reality.  Our favourite visual created by Vyonyx, is of the spaceport which is currently being built in the desert of New Mexico.

    There are some short clips of the spaceport in the Vyonyx 2008 showreel.